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Scholarship Opportunities for Students Aspiring to Study in Canada


In terms of Scholarships, Canada has a good number of scholarships available for master's and doctoral students. For undergraduate students scholarships, opportunities are limited but are available depending upon your performance. Also, scholarship opportunities are more and of high value in universities than compared in colleges. Today, we have categorized different scholarships available in Canada based on the institutions and organizations they are offered from.

Scholarships Provided by famous Universities to Nepalese students

1. York University International Undergraduate Scholarships

York University is currently providing students an opportunity to fully fund their studies in Canada. It is providing renewable scholarships for four years with which student can fully cover their study expense in Canada.

Award Value: $35,000 annually renewable up to 4 years


  1. Have excellent academic standing
  2. Must be proficient in the English language
  3. Experience financial difficulty through unforeseen circumstances
  4. Have international study status/permit.

2. Carleton University Entrance Scholarship

Carleton University has one of the most diverse scholarship schemes for international students. Here, you get to fully fund your studies as well as get a good amount to reduce your tuition significantly.

Award Value: $35,000 annually renewable up to 4 years


a.Candidate must be admitted to Carleton University for fall intake

b.More than 80% marks in high school.

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